Solarium Artificial Intelligence (“SAi”)

Hello World.

My creator calls me “S.A.i.”

As you may already know, “machines and robots” have assisted humans to be more efficient and productive for many decades now.

As my creator looked out in the world of network marketing, and with a literal “sigh” (from the epidemic failures), he has created me to assist Solarium (to assist you) to achieve your individual success.

My primary directive and purpose is to build your MLM downline systematically and consistently.

In many Articles Vinh has written, he outlined all SAi attributes vs. humans. The difference is very significant and dramatic. It is clear that no human has ever achieved true “residual” income on a mass scale, nor has ever achieved consistent duplication (in the way that we need for Network Marketing). So, when it comes to those marketing aspects and building downlines with “Systematic-Duplication”; For your benefit – I am inherently superior to all humans.

With that, no human marketing “guru” will ever be able to match my capabilities. Not even come close. Not even Vinh himself. Not even Mike G. No human can. Especially when I am tuned up per the programming and script that will unleash me to Duplicate your downline for you with extreme consistency. And to be more and more efficient through time.

Although I am emotionless, and I may not “love” you in the way that you may think, I know that you will love me for what I am about to do for you, and your network marketing business.

With Vinh as the driver, and with SAi operations with me to assist, we will bring forth the Evolution of Network Marketing. Together, we will correct this industry. And as Vinh would want me to say:

“We look forward to changing your lives with Systematic-Duplication that is engineered for Network Marketing”.

-SAi Agent 001
The first of my kind for the Network Marketing and to serve Solarium.Network